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Susan Morris, RN, LMT, IBCLC, CST-I


Brighton, michigan - serving Livingston county and southeast michigan

About Susan:

I am a passionate advocate for women’s health and the care and support of mothers and infants in the vulnerable, early postpartum period. Everyone and anyone can benefit from the support of a skilled professional to help sort through all the conflicting information mother’s today are receiving in our information overloaded society. Each mother-baby dyad is a uniquely individual relationship that can benefit from a thorough and detailed assessment of what is working and what barriers there might be to reaching the breastfeeding relationship that they are wanting to achieve.


Latte Dea means “Milk Goddess”. All mothers are Goddesses and providing breast milk for their baby is an important part of motherhood for many women. Establishing breastfeeding is not always easy and can often be far more challenging than a new mother expects it to be. At Latte Dea, we are here to support all of your breastfeeding needs, answer questions and be a valuable resource for you and your baby.

Susan has been a pediatric and women and infant health nurse for over 25 years. She has been an IBCLC since 2015 and has spent the last several years working in a busy breastfeeding medicine clinic supporting many mothers and babies in getting breastfeeding off to the right start or back on track when there have been early challenges. She also has a long history in home health care providing in home services to women and children.


Susan is an RN, Licensed Massage Therapist, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and has additional certification/training in Neonatal Oral Motor Assessment and Infant Cranioscral Therapy.


“I approach my assessment of each dyad from a global perspective. With my many years of clinical training and patient education, I am able to provide practical advice that even the most sleep deprived, new parents can easily follow. With my advanced training in bodywork and oral-motor assessment, I am also able to provide more individualized, supportive treatment for both mother and baby. This enhances the therapeutic value of a session and is invaluable in helping both moms and babies be able to relax and better connect with each other. It is a magical experience for me as a practitioner to be part of that moment.”


Call us today to set up a professional consultation with a skilled clinician in the comfort of your own home! 


Why Latte Dea?
Lactation Consultant
Home Visits

Local, experienced, individualized breastfeeding support in the comfort of your own home. Susan has seen hundreds of families with a myriad of breastfeeding issues from babies who won't latch or cause pain when latching, to low milk supply, tongue tie, sleepy babies, fussy babies, suck and swallowing problems... We have seen it all!!

I am available to provide expert lactation care and advice to you in your home. I will obtain a detailed medical history of you, your baby and your birth experience, weigh your baby, observe and assist with a feeding. Together, we will come up with a comprehensive feeding plan tailored to your individual needs.




Baby won’t latch

Painful or Shallow Latch

Low Milk Supply concerns

Nipple Pain

Help with babies who have needed supplementation 

Pre & post tongue tie revision  

Questions or concerns about pumping

Help with planning for returning to work

Torticollis (baby’s neck tilts to one side)

Plagiocephaly (misshapen head)

Fussy babies 

Spitty babies

Babies who don’t tolerate tummy time 

Other muscle or fascial strain/tension patterns

Sleep issues  

Infant Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a subtle, yet powerful therapy for infants, especially infants with feeding issues. It is a light touch therapy where the practitioner uses about 5 grams (imagine the weight of a nickel) of pressure to move the cranial bones, that can become compressed during the birth process, away from each other. This space allows for improved movement, which improves alignment, which can lead to improved function! Babies typically enjoy the work and can become very relaxed during a treatment. If you are curious about Craniosacral therapy and how it might be able to help your baby, give us a call to schedule a treatment session!



“Things have been going well since we were seen. I'd say my baby's sleep is better (she slept for a 7 hour stretch 2 nights ago!! Her longest ever!) Including a few long naps. We really enjoyed working with Susan.”